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Empowering farmers with the tools that connect them to reliable buyers like restaurants in Freetown Sierra Leone, food hubs, hotels, restaurants, food processors: creating assured and steady market.

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Gokkam -Connecting Farmers to Buyers

Gokkam is a tech-enabled platform that connects farmers, food processors (restaurants and Hotels), and food buyers perfectly. Gokkam is a food and grocery delivery mobile App in Freetown Sierra Leone.  Joining Gokkam means a complete access to all players in the agriculture food value chain in Sierra Leone.

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Gokkam: #1 eCommerce Platform in Sierra Leone

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Our Target Customers 

  1. The Hospitality Industry: Restaurants, Food-Hubs, Hotels, etc.
  2. Small Business Owners: Input Providers etc.
  3. Internet Users: Shoppers; Food buyers 
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Download Gokkam and enjoy the best eCommerce Service in Freetown.


1.5k+ Downloads • 23 Reviews



GokkamFarm – Connecting Farmers to Market and  Agric-Services

This Gokkam-Agric platform empowers farmers and manufacturers with the tools and capacity to access reliable market and agricultural services. This is the perfect platform that connects farmers to services that support sustainable farming as well as bring your farm online. 

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What Farmers Get1

Farmers on this platform can easily and seamless access the following services:

Gokkam App

Order takeaway from over 50+ best restaurants. We deliver your takeouts or essential groceries from the best-rated local partners in Freetown.

Tech-enabled aggregation centers

Our aggregation centers are designed to stimulate and empower the agricultural value chain through the following:

  1. Access to reliable buyers 
  2. Access to free off-taking services
  3. Access to steady and reliable pricing information 
  4. Access to helpful agricultural information such as where and how to get inputs
  5. Access to training and coaching services
Agricultural inputs

Crowd Digital Media (CDM) works with vetted input providers and facilitates the distribution of inputs to farmers who need them.

Procurement management system

With the Gokkam platform small businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc, and buyers of agricultural produce can plan and manage their procurement activities seamlessly. 

Farmer training and coaching Services

Crowd Digital Media (CDM) partners with extension service providers that provide first-in-class training and coaching services to our farmers for improved farming practices. 

Our Target Customers

  1. Farmers and Food producers
  2. Farm input sellers and producers
  3. Agriculture extension service providers
  4. Agriculture loan scheme providers
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African farming

Guess What?

Joining our platforms is very simple and straightforward. Here is how… 

Visit Gokkam or the Gokkamfarm

Create an account or contact customer service

Select the service(s ) you need

Boom!! You are in

Our Other Services

CDM has proven experience and expertise in the following

Development of websites and Web applications

WIth our in-house expertise in designing and developing websites and web applications we can take your project from requirements to finish products within a few weeks.

Design and development of mobile applications

We have a solid track record in designing and developing mobile apps. Our in-house team can take your project from requirements to prototype and then to a finished product in a matter of weeks.

Professional management of software projects for your organisation

Do you have an upcoming software project but you are not sure how to put together the requirements or how to assess the service provider? With our over 8 years of software project management experience, you can rely on us to provide you with the best software project management support for your business. Our team consists of :

  1. Software project managers 
  2. Product managers
  3. Experience UI/UX designers 
  4. And developers
Professional support for hiring ICT staff

Do you want to recruit an ICT staff or maybe have an upcoming project that needs technical assessment? We can support your business to hire the best technical staff as well as assess the ability of any consultant that you be thinking of hiring.

Do you want to talk? Please contact us here

Our Partners

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